A message from our Chairman

Over twenty one years ago, our program was created as a way to help needy families during the holidays. Through the years we have brought holiday cheer to tens of thousands of children and provided much needed food and supplies to over 1,000 families. Each year the number of families we support has grown and unfortunately, we are now starting to see new generations of the same families seeking our support. Sadly, the cycle of poverty in many of these families will continue without additional outside intervention. As a result, we are expanding the role we play in this community to include empowering families throughout the year.

For years it has been our dream to develop programs that help move families from poverty to self-sufficiency. Through the wonderful support of our community and a very generous contribution made by the Koh Charitable Foundation, owner of Oak Quarry Golf Club, our dreams are coming true.

We are excited to introduce the community to our 2015 opportunity development program. The program will be centered on building resources for members of our community to assist them in developing skills needed for attaining gainful employment. We also want to support our youth by providing them with tools that can be used to get into and pay for higher education.

This program was kicked off with the introduction of our scholarship program. In 2015 the program will provide up to $6,000 in scholarships to high school seniors in Jurupa Valley who are attending a four year university in the fall. We hope to increase the amount of scholarships we offer each year. Then on April 30, 2015 we will host a job fair at The Cove Waterpark where we plan to introduce dozens of hiring employers to the vast number of talented workers who just need the right opportunity to shine. that is just a start. Throughout the year we hope to provide classes on a variety of topics including:

• Resume writing and interviewing techniques
• Completing applications for colleges and scholarships
• SAT and ACT test preparation
• First Aid and CPR
• Building a budget
• Buying a home

With your continued support we look to enhance the great programs already offered throughout the community. We are on a mission to help revitalize neighborhoods, reduce crime, and enhance this great city. Our vision is to work with our community to reduce the barriers of success for thousands.

Thank you for your support these last twenty-one years. Together we can change the cycle of poverty and help to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors.

Angel Sanchez, Jr.
Jurupa Valley Firefighters Adopt a Family